My name is Emmanuel S. John.  As a therapist with more than 30 years experience in the addiction field I have learned a lot.  When I began considering retirement I was bothered by the fact that I had gained a lifetime of experience in the field and that I was about to withdrawal all my insights from a field of health care that is still lacking many of the solution that I have found.  That is why I wrote these books.  I was really good at what I did and I hate the fact that so many still suffer.  I won’t be around forever but my insight can still be shared with you all.  Please read the books; I wrote them for you.

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I hope things improve for you and your family. I hope you find the information in the books helpful. You can however still purchase the books while the site is under construction.

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(In order to purchase the books separately or to learn more visit the individual links on the menu bar)Thanks for visiting the site: I am sorry that you found it necessary.  These books are designed to provide practical solutions and insights that have been time tested and proven to help with all the struggles related to addiction in the family.I have spent more than 30 years helping families in the addiction treatment field and 12 Step programs.  During that time I realized that there were certain important topics and perspectives that all the families  benefited from: Simple tools that worked for everyone. I know most people won’t seek help until things are really bad so I put all these tools together in two carefully crafted books.  These books work separately or together to aid struggling families to unifying under a common set of Mom.addictiongoals and tasks.  They literally put everyone on the same page.  They create a common set of perspective to solve a complicated set of  problems. The books will guide you through a set of helpful objectives that are necessary to achieve long term successful outcomes.I have years of experience in both inpatient and out patient addiction treatment.  I know first hand that this information works.  My client’s successes have proven it.  I know the key tools that treatment providers work to impart to their clients. Put my 30 years to work for you.  mom and son addictionThese two books contain more helpful information then most clients receive in their first 8-12 therapeutic sessions.  The greatest thing is that all this information and experience comes to you for the price of a single co-pay.  I have trained and supervised countless therapists and now I have put together the content that I taught them, for you.  Even if you choose to seek professional care this information will undoubtedly enhance that process and make it much more effective.I encourage my addiction clients to read these books before they start treatment with me or anyone else.  These books will save you time, energy,money and torment.  They are written to reduce suffering. The information in them allows the counseling worried phone addictionprocess to proceed in as expeditious a manner as possible.   If you have not sought professional treatment these books were written to help you choose the treatment options that are best for you.  They will give you the insights and straight forward directions necessary to determine the best treatment path for you or your loved ones.  They will help you understand what  will work best to meet your individual needs.Please read them!