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Loneliness is Distance

The feeling of loneliness is easily correlated to emotional distancing; both from others and from a Higher Power.  In our modern world we are often taught by professionals to remove people from our lives that are negative or who diminish our sense of self.  We are directed to avoid people who directly/verbally attack our self-concept.  As a therapist I have repeatedly recommended this myself; getting away from sick toxic people is vital to healing and growth.  Truth be told there are times when being around certain people can actually make us feel lonelier than if we had no one around at all.  We have all known these types of people and we all probably have evidence to support this statement.  The fact that we can feel lonely around others may actually be evidence that the feeling of loneliness is actually an illusion as most of us live in close proximity to others and have to actually work hard to find peace and quiet away from others.   Additionally, for those who quit using there is a sudden decrease in social connections as using “associates” are avoided.

So what do we do about it once we have cleared away the negativity, the users and the hate filled people?  Eventually we will have to replace our pool of significant people; redevelop our social connections.

We all get hurt by undesirable elements and that is just unfortunately, a fact of life today.  But we must take risks to forge new relationships along  the way or we run out of connections and lose the sense of being a part of the human race.  This is not to say that we need to have people around us to feel OK.  Quite to the contrary most well balanced people seem to have less of a dependence on their interactions with others to feel content.  As long as we operate on the notion that we need others to not feel loneliness (a level of co-dependency) then we will continually come up short as the humans around us will more times than not fail to meet our unreasonable needs; they’re human and most people struggle to fulfill themselves yet alone others.   That takes a special breed.

We must find avenues to become SELF-FULL-FILLED.  Once we do learn to meet our own emotional needs our relationships with others then become bonus interactions and blessings; not a prescription for OK-ness.

The truth is however that a full life includes the option to connect with others on a daily basis.  I need to be able to call my friends to chat or too invite someone to hang out.  Even if we don’t go we benefit from at least knowing that we were invited to a recreational activity or family celebration.  (But we should get out of comfort zone and go.)  Thus, in order to have these types of options we must continually cultivate our connections to positive people.  We must take risks.

The solution to loneliness is thus quite simple; connect to more people then you distance yourself from.  A friend doesn’t have to be someone we have known for years or decades.  We can invite someone to join us for lunch.  Ask a co-worker about things other than the job.  We feel connected when we know stuff about others; so learn something.  Don’t say; “How you doing.”  Ask people; “How you doing?” Get the answers.  Let people know about you; for real.  Fellowship with others on as many levels as you can, down as many avenues as you can.  Join a new church or return to an old one.  Go to meetings.  If you want to feel connected to your community then volunteer in your community.   Develop and forge ties beyond electronic media.  Call the person you’re texting and devote some real time really talking; getting to know them emotionally.  Hear their emotion and respond back with emotion not emoticons.  While your on the phone make a face to face date.  Support and encourage others.  Do things for others and you will be pleasantly surprised how most people respond in kind.  Have a party at your house and before you know it you’ll be invited to theirs.

Ultimately most people find the greatest cure for their feelings of loneliness is knowing that there is a spirit in the Universe that is with them at all times.

You are never really alone unless you want to be.  If you want to be alone and you are then you are actually achieving the goal to be distant from others.



Emmanuel S. John




WARNING!!! Gravel, now known as Flakka (Like bath salts) is making a comeback. – Addiction in the Family

Addiction A-PVP(alpha-Pyrrolidinovalerophenone-alpha-PVP)-1375948109-0

While addictioninthefamily focuses on the psychological impact of drugs I thought you might want to know about some dangerous emerging trends. As marijuana becomes more mainstream the counter culture will continue and seek it’s next “non-mainstream substance

A new synthetic drug with the street name “flakka,” which causes hallucinations, paranoia and violent outbursts, has taken off in Florida, where authorities are seeing a spike in criminal activity and bizarre behavior linked to the drug, reports say.

Flakka’s recent casualties include a gunman yelling naked from a rooftop in Palm Beach County and a man in Fort Lauderdale impaled on a police station fence he was attempting to scale, the South Florida Sun Sentinel reports.

Both men told authorities they were high on flakka and hallucinating at the time of the incidents.

Special: Experts Call This New Muscle Stack “Nature’s Steroids”

A successor to so-called designer drugs such as crystal meth and ecstasy, which are manufactured in illegal laboratories, flakka produces a surge of euphoria and acute sensory alertness by flooding the brain with a chemical called dopamine, experts say.

The side effects and after-effects are potentially deadly, Jim Hall, an epidemiologist at the Center for Applied Research on Substance Use and Health Disparities at Nova Southeastern University in Broward County, Florida, told CBS News.

“We’re starting to see a rash of cases of a syndrome referred to as excited delirium,” said Hall. “This is where the body goes into hyperthermia, generally a temperature of 105 degrees. The individual becomes psychotic, they often rip off their clothes and run out into the street violently and have an adrenaline-like strength, and police are called and it takes four or five officers to restrain them. Then, once they are restrained, if they don’t receive immediate medical attention, they can die.”

Read Latest Breaking News from Newsmax.com http://www.newsmax.com/US/synthetic-drug-flakka-florida/2015/04/03/id/636405/#ixzz3WOntGuQk

(Video news link below)

FLAKKA        a‐pyrrolidinovalerophenone

“Flakka” alpha‐PVP • Flaca – Skinny • Flaka – Beautiful, elegant woman who charms all • Waka Flakka – Hip‐Hop DJ • Elsewhere called “

Toxic Effects:

• Tachycardia, • Agitation, • Psychosis, • Violent behavior, • Excited Delirium • Hyperthermia (Over heating) • Kidney failure • Death

α-PVP is sometimes the active ingredient in recreational drugs sold as “bath salts“.[8] It may also be distinguished from “bath salts” and sold under a different name: “flakka”, a name used in Florida, or “gravel” in other parts of the U.S. It is typically manufactured in China, India, or Pakistan and repackaged in gram packets in the U.S., sometimes mixed with heroin, cocaine, or methamphetamine. It is reportedly available as cheaply as USD $5 per “hit”, and a laboratory for one county in Florida has reported a steady rise in α-PVP detections, from none in seized drugs in January-February 2014 to 84 in September 2014.[9]



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