Addiction: Am I Powerless


This book helps resolve one of the most complex human health issues we face as a society. It’s new and revolutionary process will change how you see the disease.

Addiction: Am I Powerless?

Self-assessing, a users guide to the truth.

Self-assessing, a users guide to the truth.
Self-assessing, a users guide to the truth. (Just $19.99, less then the cost of a single co-pay)

ISBN# 9780985189822


BIG NEWS FOR E-BOOK READERS. In celebration of my more than 30 years in the addiction treatment field I have permanently lowered the eBook price for ADDICTION: AM I POWERLESS: Self-Assessing. (This is a great 1st step workbook and a tested relapse prevention tool.)

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 About the book:

Addiction: Am I Powerless is the most comprehensive self-assessment tool ever devised to measure Powerlessness.  Am I powerless helps examine the level of unmanageability brought on by substance use.    Addiction: Am I Powerless puts forth a new standard for the measurement of Powerlessness over chemicals.

Understanding powerlessness is the first and most crucial element for all addiction recovery and treatment.  Am I Powerless delivers a vital perspective for understanding addiction related dysfunctions and severity.  It exposes the truth!

Take Advantage of My Experience

Am I Powerless has been written by a front-line clinician with three decades of experience in the addiction field.   Written to help you determine if you need to make changes to your level of  chemical use.  It hasChange today, Am I Powerless been designed as a tool to be used to measure the seriousness and severity of a chemical use problem.   If you do have a problem, I’ll help you find out.  There is no presumption that you do.  I hope you don’t.

Am I Powerless was designed to let you examine this dilemma in the privacy of your own home without shame or guilt.  It’s the most thorough method I know of to examine the issue of powerlessness. This is a private process and will not leave behind a public health record stigmatization that might follow you for the rest of your life as a part of your medical health record.
Am I Powerless identifies and instructs the reader on what personal issues to examine and how to examine them.  It walks you through the process in a heartfelt way.  It does not shy away from the serious truth of the matter.  I care about your well-being.  This book is a realistic view of what it means to suffer with the problem many people call addiction.  It was written without judgment or expectation.  It is the first step towards understanding your own behavior patterns.  Am I Powerless is the first step in freeing yourself from the shame and guilt associated with out of control substance use and yes, addiction/substance dependency.

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