Addiction: Why They Use

Addiction: Why They Use

Not sure what you can do? Read this book!

ISBN: 9780985189808

A handbook for anyone who loves an alcoholic or addict.

Written to help you understand what’s going on with the people you love and worry about the most.


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A handbook for anyone who loves an alcoholic or addict. Why They Use
A handbook for anyone who loves an alcoholic or addict.

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About the book:

 Addiction is perhaps one of the most emotionally painful issues we can observe in someone we love.  Because of the complex emotional nature of the problem it is without question one of the most confusing human health issues we have ever faced as a society.  Addiction often leaves loved ones worried, tortured and full of guilt.  Addictive disease creates excessive levels of fear, stress and anxiety.  It leaves family members living in a toxic state of fear for what the future might bring as well as the physical and emotional exhaustion that follows.

For those who love the addicted many crucial questions have remained unanswered for far too long.  “Why They Use” bridges the information gaps for loved ones in very simplified and understandable terms.  No longer are the loved ones of alcoholics and addicts left alone to wonder.  I understand your suffering because I have experienced it too!

Addiction in the family, Why They Use

I can help you get some relief by helping you understand the issue fully.  There are no easy answers so some effort will be required but you no longer have to feel  the immeasurable loneliness, sadness and confusion.

If you understand what I’m talking about then then “Addiction: Why They Use” has been written exclusively for you, the family members and loved ones of the alcoholic or addict.  Why They Use will address your issues and give you answers to questions that we have all struggled with for too many years.

Why They Use answers the following questions?

What is addiction?

Why won’t they just stop?

Can’t they see what it’s doing to them?

Why won’t s/he stop for the children?

Don’t they care?

Why do they drink so much?

Can’t they have just one?

Isn’t our relationship worth it to you?

How can the choose the booze over us?

What should I do?

What is Enabling?

Should I leave?

 If you’ve asked these questions then Why They Use was surely written with you in mind.  I am certain it will help!

During the past 30 years of working with families of addiction I have uncovered many simple, practical, necessary and beneficial answers to the question you probably have. I decided to write this book because I realized that while there are thousands of treatment programs for the addicted there is usually very little help for you, the loved ones of addiction.

Addiction Why They Use will ease your anguish and resolve most of the confusion you have about the behavior of an alcoholic or addict that you Love.  Whether it is some one you work with, live with, love or just care about.  Why They Use will undoubtedly expand your knowledge of this multifaceted and complex topic. family with addiction, Why They Use That is my personal guarantee to you.   If Addiction Why They Use doesn’t expand your awareness, I will personally discuss your situation with you.

You are not alone in your struggle and the path is not easy. Unfortunately you may have to make very difficult decisions in the future but I believe that understanding  “Why They Use” will make those choices easier and more clear.  If after reading the books you still have questions I will arrange a phone conversation so we can discuss the specific dynamics of your situation.  This book will bring you relief and it will answer many of your questions, I promise; that’s why it was written.  That is the ONLY reason it was written’ it was written because these understanding work!

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